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Cristal Nexus owns Hello! and iDeal apps for iOS. Our App Portfolio consists of more than 40 apps currently in development stage.
Cristal Nexus is a company that specializes in investments in ASX and Real Estate Development.
Cristal Nexus also owns and operates a Digital Record Label “Endless Entertainment”.
Cristal Nexus’s other investments also include 4 Clothing labels Lyfer TM, Legit Wear, AGame Apparel and Ikkon.
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We work with businesses of all sizes across many industries. Our primary services include:

  • Mobile App Development across multiple platforms.
  • ASX investments and strategies.
  • New Product Development, Design, marketing & Launch.
  • Music, Multimedia & Entertainment Management.
  • Real Estate Invests and Strategies.
  • Creating & Launching Start Ups.
  • Corporate advisory services.
  • Corporate training.
  • Individual business owner coaching and consulting.

We look forward to hearing from you soon so we can help your business GROW!

Our Current Apps

Cristal Nexus’s growing list of investments includes an App Portfolio consisting of 40 highly developed Apps